Wednesday 23 November 2011

40 Day Photo Challenge: Day 12 - Chatpatti Things

Definition: This word is used to describe dishes that have a hot-and-sour flavour. It gave rise to words like chaat (a hot-sour-sweet snack flavoured with chutneys) and spice mixes like chaat masala (source). 

When your mum-in-law says she fancies something sweet, what better excuse to drag hubby out gallavanting at night go for a long walk and come back with some sweets (brown Habshi halwa and carrot halwa) and a spicy snack to eat on a cold night.

This is channa-chaat, a favourite South Asiaan street food.  I was convinced no-one does this like the Lahori's until I found a tiny little shop tucked away that serves this perfect spicy and sour version for £1 a box.  Now most of our evening walks seem to end somewhere near this little shop.


  1. Me too, this is one is full of tamarind sauce and potato chunks, but with the addition of chopped bell peppers, very nice.

  2. Sis, pls share the name/location of the shop so we can try the chaat too!!! Craving it after seeing your pic! :)