Monday 14 November 2011

40 Day Challenge - Photo 5: Winter Surprise in the Garden

For day five of the 40 day photo challenge I took a trip to the garden and found this beautiful purple in full bloom.  Although winter is here it has so far been far milder than November usually is.  The plant that bears this flower has been bare all year.  I was tempted to pull it out last month when I thought it was a chili plant that hadn't borne anything.  In the end I decided to leave it alone.  In return I was gifted with this lovely flower.  I have tried to find out what this flower is but no luck so far.  Does anyone know?

“He made beautiful everything He created” (Quran 32:7)

“Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty.” (Sahih Muslim - 911)


  1. Salams,
    I checked around and found out the name.
    Aptly named the Princess Plant.

  2. Walaikam-assalam,
    you are wonderful!!! The Princess Plant it is. I'm so glad now that I have seen pictures of older plants that I didn't pull it up.
    Jazakh'Allah-khairun for checking for me.