Thursday 3 November 2011

Preparations for Eid-al-Adha...or Maybe Not

Most years, I am planning for Eid far in advance. Clothes should be bought right down to the boys socks and little ladies hairband, menu’s are planned, bangles are matched to outfits, the house is cleaned from top to bottom, presents are bought and stashed far in advance and decorations are ready to go up beforehand.

This year though, Eid has just appeared! A mixture of everyone in the house having nasty colds, work being super busy, the threat of redundancy hanging over me, our trip to Dorset and utter exhaustion have all joined forced to distract me completely. It’s kind of nice this way actually. Every now and again when it all gets too much, I stop doing anything but the basics: fresh meals, some housework, bedtime routine and some quality time with the hubby until I feel refreshed and balanced enough to try something different again.

So at the moment I have the next two days (including tomorrow off work) to get haircuts and bits and pieces sorted (balloons and food will probably be the extent of it). I’m not inviting anyone over till the second day, so will be relaxing the first with lunch at mum’s and dinner at my favourite uncle’s place. Haven’t bought any clothes for myself, but found an old outfit in the back of my cupboard – I bought this a few years ago for Kooky, but she gave it back as it was too big (not the lovely colour then?). I tried to offer it to two cousins, but they were not having it either. Anyway, their loss, I’m going to rock it with armfuls of bangles in every shade of green.

I did manage to get a dress for Little Lady. I loved this antique-looking, floor-length, maxi dress. She has pearl bangles she can wear with it and will probably wear with bronze sandals she has (neither silver, nor peach nor pink looked quite right).

It’s not Eid without some fun though. I’ve had my sisters digging up old family wedding movies and we will be throwing a small chand raat bash just for the women in the family tomorrow night – henna, take-away food and weddings from the 80’s (think glittery make-up, shoulder pads, salwar kameez in luminous greens and pinks) – seriously looking forward to it.

We also decided to play Secret Mullah, like secret santa where you all buy each anonymous presents, but not Christmassy. The limit is £5 and I can’t wait to go find something tomorrow for my victim recipients.

Another thing I didn’t do this Eid was make cards.  Luckily, a good friend sent me these beautiful hand painted card which I will be giving to close family.

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