Tuesday 26 August 2008

Whoops! Look What We Did

As hubby was away Saturday and Sunday and because it was Bank Holiday Monday we thought we would spend Sunday morning as a family out in the Essex Markets and the afternoon at my best friends.

It was actually a very nice morning (albeit early - we ;eft after fajr), I picked up a few books, plenty of craft supplies, some baskets for Ramadan gifts and some bits for my Eid party. I also found some really really useful things - some starfish, some glass shells, some colourful stones and a miniature knight in a box (from a charity stall). Oh and I also managed to find a teapot for my mum to replace the one gorgeous damaged (I already replaced it once after Little Lady broke it and it is a very hard to find range).

It was a nice morning, until we managed to bump into another car that is, on the way home. We were coming over a bump on the motorway, when the car in front stopped suddenly and we had to bake. We ended up smacking into the back of it. Thankfully, the kids were in their car seats/boosters and were not hurt alhamdulillah - Gorgeous even slept through the whole thing. Some silly man's car had broken down and he decided to stand at the side of the road with his kids and leave the car in the middle of the road while he waited for assistance, oncoming cars could not see as he was just over a hill. I hope he didn't get anyone killed. The lady in the car in front (I had no idea Mini Cooper's were so strong) panicked and pulled straight out and fled.

Alhamdulillah, whenever something like this happens, I always think that Allah (SWT) in his infinite mercy sent us a small challenge to ward off a bigger one. Even after such a bad bump and the car being written off we were all fine alhamdulillah, apart from being a little shaky. I have been in a worse bump before and it hurt more. This time our little green Honda took the impact for us. It also reminded me of one thing I adore about my hubby and in-laws (brother-in-law was with us). They didn't get in a grump or angry, in fact they laughed all the way home at me for screaming, at the lady who ran off and at the sheepish look on the face of the man who left the car on the road (I was a bit annoyed at this, as I had suggested a few times to hubby that he should go give the man a smack upside the head, but he took no notice).

Alhamdulillah, somones dua's and good wishes are with us.


  1. Alhamduilah you guys are ok , mashaallah its the qadr. Peoples igornace and bad driving make me mad their lack of common sense puts others at risk.Glad all is well for you.

  2. Alhamdulillah! yes,sometimes Allah wards off larger evils by giving us smaller ones!Glad that you are all ok!

  3. Assalam-alaikam,
    thank you both for your kind words.

  4. Asalaamu alaykum -

    Whew! Glad it was a minor one and that no one is hurt, alhumdulillah. Yes, I love how Islam has taught me to appreciate things so that when bad things happen - I can say alhumdulilla and see the way in which we are blessed.

    My husband is the same as you described your husband and brother-in-law and it amazes me - his resiliency. Some event will happen and I will expect him to just explode in a fury of emotions, and he will be as calm as ever. And sincerely calm, not just holding it in. I just can't believe it sometimes, because for me, it sometimes takes me a minute to recollect myself. He is such a great example whenever these types of things happen.

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