Sunday 17 August 2008

Gift Baskets

Today is my cousin's nikah insh'Allah and alhtough we usually give money to the bride and groom, I thought it would be nice to make something for my mum to take along. Baskets of Indian sweets or mithai are a tradition in South Asia but costs about £30 here, so I thought I'd have a go myself.

I picked up two baskets from the £-shop which only had one enormous size only and filled it with tissue-paper to make a nice base and also because it works out very expensive to try and fill a basket that big.

I then arranged a tray of baklawa and two packs of Sohan halwa to fill up space.

Some of the mithai can be quite soft and/or syrapy so I placed the peices in cake cases before arranging them in the basket.

I filled a second basket with fruit (I tried to use firmer fruit so that it lasted longer - I also added grapes on top after I took this picture).

I placed some stars (the type you stick on presents) in the basket and got my sisters to help me wrap the whole thing in cellophane and tie a bow with ribbon that matched the tissue paper (yelling at each other the whole time - "Duh!! why are you putting the cellotape there?"). I finished off with a label to personalise. I hope they like them.


  1. Aslamu alakum
    mubarak to your cousin and mamy her marriage be blessed ameen. I love the baskets and the way you have donethem mashaallah you are vry talented sis. I like the Ambala one best obouis reasons heheheh.

  2. masha'allah looks nice sis.. and ameen to the duaa from rainbow

  3. It looks very neat, Umm Salihah. Stumbled across your blog and I think it's great!

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  5. Assalam-alaikam,
    Sister Rainbow,
    jazakh'Allah-khairun for your dua and ameen. The ambala one did get attacked first!

    Sister Ammena,
    Thank you

    Sister Mummyjaan
    you are very welcome.

    it took you how long to write that comment and 10 seconds for me to delete it.

  6. As salam alaykum! Masha Allah that was a smart idea!I'd love to try this ourt someday!

  7. fabulous my darling, just fabulous

  8. Asalaamu Alaikum Umm Salihah!

    Your gift baskets look awesome! You have given me a great idea for my hard to shop for SILs! Is that barfi (sp) I spy in the first gift basket? That is my fave Desi sweet!

    ma'a salaamah,


  9. Assalamu alaykum sister!

    I just love the baskets, I am sure the newlyweds enjoyed them. So thoughtful. I dont know how you stay so organized and well thought out. Mashaallah you must being people so much happiness,