Saturday 23 August 2008

Latest Batch of Eid Cards

The better half was away this weekend with the brother-in-law so I decided to have some

me-time and do some things I enjoy (i.e. no cooking, no making chappati's and no housework). So I let the kids stay up, we watched Robin Hood Prince of Theives (the very bad but very enjoyable Kevin Costner version), ate gooey chocolate cake bars and I made some more cards. Earlier in the year I managed to drop my gem box and recently spent an evening with the kids sorting it out ("Where does this one go? What about this one? What about this one? This one?"), so in honour of my me-time I cracked open the gem box and let rip.


  1. salam'alaikum! i was just googling eid cards and i found ur blog...mashaAllah great work, the cards are really really pretty!
    actually i'm part of the orphan sponsorship program at the University of Toronto, and we were planning on sending and making hand-made eid cards to orphans, your site has lovely ideas! and they'll be helpful inshaAllah.

  2. Asalaamu alaikum.

    What a lovely and creative idea... these are so nice they look better than storebought and I know a homemade card really brightens a person's day. :)

    Asma, that program sounds wonderful! May Allah bless you and all the participants for putting together something like that.


  3. wow, MashaAllah those are beautiful. I wish there was a crafty store here!

  4. masha'allah they're really pretty...looks like a relaxing craft...

  5. Mashallah Hon, They really are very beautiful and much better than the crapy cards they sell ..


  6. LOL, u beta start and online store, looks like they are popular already!

  7. you should sell these!!! theyre so beautiful..

  8. sooooo beautiful!where do you get the inspiration

  9. As salam alaikum, very nice infact lovely and very cute eid cards, have u made them? its really good.

  10. Assalamu alaykum sis,
    these batch of cards is even better than the previous. Anyway you are so talented and it looks like this is a great hobby. Also you make it look so easy but i am sure if I were to do it I would probably make a mess.
    Well done on you! Mash'Allah.

  11. Assalam-alaikam,

    Sister Asma - welcome, I'd be very happy if my cards inspired anyone and the idea of sending cards to orphans sounds wonderful.

    Sister Aaminah - I hope the people I send them to like them, I love getting things that people have made themselves.

    Sister Mona - I don't have a proper crafty store near me, I tend to stick to £-shops, boot-sales and the like to save money:

    Sister Umm Zakariyah - Jazakh'Allah-khairun and yes it can be elaxing if the kids are in bed, it also fills my time if my hhusband is away. When the kids want to help though...

    Sister Maryam - Jazakh'Allah-khairun for your kind comment sweetie, and yes i agree the shop ones are often crappy (all flowers and doves - quite chintzy)

    Hey fash - maybe next year.

    Sister Ange - If I make enough I might sell some next Eid and thank you!!!

    Anony - thanks, I'm not sure, I like to play around with the materials until I get an idea how to place them.

    Sister Fatima - yes I made them, and thank you for your kind words.

    Sister Muslimah - its not hard at all, you can see the difference between my first ones and these ones, you just improve as you keep trying different things (and I still managed to get glue everywhere!)

  12. Mashallah, the cards are wonderful.