Tuesday 12 August 2008

Being in the Moment.

I sit here at my desk, feeling bored and spaced out, with that underlying edge of panic that comes back sometimes. Nervous energy trapped in a body that’s trapped at a desk. Things to do, always more to do and get done. I take a deep breath and stare at my hands, the band my beloved bought me on our first wedding anniversary, the one I chose in place of a diamond ring we couldn’t really afford. I decide to give myself the gift of a few moments. To sit still and feel and be. The hum of voices lowered to whisper secrets and raised in sharp giggles. The tap-tap-tap of hands at keyboards all around me. The hum of traffic further away. The bangle of smooth white glass on my wrist catching the light in brilliant arcs. The musky taste of chocolate on my tongue. Someone’s sweet but synthetic perfume invading my nose. I feel calmer and the world seems more intense.
Back to work!...If I sneak off back home to the babies you think anyone will notice?


  1. What a beautiful and descriptive poem. Very much an intense moment and does make me feel like I'm experiencing it too.

  2. Lovely...I missed reading your blog...we are in Morocco at the moment and I am battling a slow connection! More soon, InshaAllah.

  3. i'm feeling like that at the moment-lazy and not in the mood for any wor -keep finding myself looking out of the window..... roll on 5.30 (ish)