Friday 8 August 2008

What I Do When I Feel Down

Walk – especially if I have had a bad day at work, I give the bus a miss and just start walking full speed, I let my thoughts work themselves out and let my mind go where it will. People probably think I look a bit odd scowling and smiling to myself, but I’m too pre-occupied to notice. By about half-way home I am calmer, more philosophical in outlook and ready to catch the bus the rest of the way.

Pray – I am a bit lazy with nawafil (non-obligatory) prayers, so it tends to be a last resort when in fact it should be our first port of call. But when nothing else helps, I make wudhu, get on that prayer mat and cry my eyes out and plead and cajole.

Read/Watch Convert stories – converts/reverts are living proof to me of Allah (SWT)’s promise that after every difficulty there is ease. So often you read their stories and see that they go through so much and in the end things work out okay. There are great vide’s on youtube as well as heart-breaking stories on the net (including here and here).

Read - If I can find a book good enough to lose myself in, I can forget that the real world exists.

Play with Gorgeous – mash’Allah nothing gets him down, even when he is being told off, he’ll cackle back at you. I adore determined people who just won’t stop till they get what they want.

Do something kind – get someone water, help my child with something, call my mum and ask her how she is, visit gran and sit with her.

Go see my sisters – Long-suffering, Kooks and Fashionista are a great bunch, and when we are together, we forget all of our problems and laugh and joke and squabble like when we were kids. I always feel better afterwards.

What helps you to lift your mood?


  1. sit in the corner and sing songs

  2. hmm.. I wish I knew, then I wouldnt have felt so useless and depressed last night :( but I did eventually pull out a book, maybe thats what I do

  3. I seriously don't know what to do when it happens sometimes! I try and take a nice shower, dress up and sit pretty,watching tv or reading,or call someone or even blog!I find that these things help only for a short while,and the real thing that calm's my mind is finally always ...prayer!

  4. i usually ignore whats bothering me and just think about how grateful i am for the life i have -especially when compared to some of the things people go through around the world (e.g. wars, famine, lack of food etc.)

  5. Call me daring! I'm always here for you.