Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Stars in Salah

You recite slowly, taking the time to relax into each posture of the prayer. You try to keep Allah (SWT) as your focus throughout, sometimes losing focus, but always struggling to come back. You ignore the noise and chatter around you and try to fade out the distractions from the children. You slowly descend into Sujood (prostration) trying to ignore the little one poking his head under your nose and………WHACK!!!! You get head-butted by your curious baby and can see stars. There are tears in your eyes and as you lie flat on your back you reflect that you’ll have to start your salah all over again just when you were nearly finished.

I’m still nursing a bump on my brow the following day and it hurts. Gorgeous didn’t seem to feel a thing.


  1. hahaha! but dear this continues when they grow up as well, you have to break off to stop fights, tell them to quit yelling for you as you are in prayer and such! Nice post! :)

  2. Thanks Sis Indyana,
    so much to look forward to!! - The older two have already started with he said..she said...he started it...she started it..

  3. Fashionista07 August, 2008

    Baby's aiming to become a boxer i think...either that... or a sumo wrestler ;o)

  4. ouch... insha'allah youre ok sis

  5. Hey fash,
    when he was born and he hurt his arm, the first hting I htough was "you're gonna be a boxer" - now he packs a punch mash'Allah.

    Assalam-alikam Sis,
    alhamdulillah I'm fine.

  6. maybe you should just tie them all up whilst you pray -haha

  7. Hahaha!!!! I really like this post!