Wednesday 13 August 2008

Cupcake Crayons

I saw this idea on Um Nour's blog Loving Allah and Raising my Kids a while back and thought it looked like great fun.

So I got the kids to clear out all of the broken bits of crayon from their colouring pencil/crayon box and take the paper covers off (I had to stop them from getting too carried away and breaking the whole ones).

Being very anal, I got the kids to sort the bits of crayons into the cake cases by colour.

We then stuck them into the oven at a medium heat (to Little Man's cries of "when can I eat them!?!"). You have to keep an eye on them as they melt very quickly and I think we left them in too long as they turned very watery. I left them to cool and they turned hard. The colours are not as intense as ordinary crayons, but they were fun and easy to make and the children were very pleased with their creation.


  1. looks liek a good idea-be careful though; the kids might start sticking other things in the oven when you're not looking!

  2. That has occurred to me,
    I can imagine Little Lady having ago at this herself when no-one is looking.
    I don't trust any of them not to start cooking their toys or colour pencils, or worse their books. Thank God they don't know how to light the oven.

  3. Salaams Sis:

    Looks like great fun; maybe some swirly ones could be made!

  4. Thank you! this is another great idea! I think we will make these, put some Ramadan/eid oloring papers together and make gift baskets for bayram this weekend. I am so in awe of your creativity, mashallah, thanks for sharing with us!