Thursday 5 June 2008

Working Mothers – Coming Home.

I wrote a while back about the effect I would like to have on my family when I come home from work. How I would love them to think that the "parties started" when I walk through the door.
In reality, by the time we come we are sometimes already tired and the thought of the long evening ahead with lots to do can be daunting. The kids have missed us all day and just want to cuddle and talk and the other half wants to "touch base" as it were and catch up regarding both of our day before we both launch in to the next part of it.

If we try to keep going from the time we wake up to the moment we put our heads down (up to 18 hours for some women) to get everything done, we are potentially in a very bad situation. We end up suffering from exhaustion, stress, despondency and the subsequent effects on mental and physical health.

What has really helped me avoid this situation as far as possible (aside from my bouts of laziness) is the block of time I have when I first come home. The first half hour or hour. I usually greet the kids and better half (or anyone else that happens to be round) and then run straight up the stairs with my bags hanging off me and the kids hot on my tail.

That half an hour is for me to unravel (out of coat, shayla, bandanna and abaya), freshen up and then have a lie down. The kids then all proceed to talk to me at once. Better half usually comes up and we spend some time talking about our day and what we still have to do (Do I need to cook or will leftovers do? Will hubby be back very late because of a job?). I’ve come to love this time of the day, when you can see how much everyone has missed you.

I could probably do other things in this time, but it would be with a lot less enthusiasm and maybe a little resentment. I also think we don’t work as well when we are tired.

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