Wednesday 25 June 2008


I was rushing through my evening as usual, when Little Lady and Little Man asked to pick strawberries. I'm amazed how much joy they got from something as simple as picking strawberries, helping wash and prepare them and then gobble them down. Our patch is so little that we get three or four red ones a day (which Little Man harvests), but as we hadn't had a look in a couple of days, lots had accumulated. Straight off the plant, the smell was so intense and they must have tasted great - I say must because the kids gobbled them down before I got anywhere near.

The lovely Umm Habibati has a great way of preparing them here which I will defo be trying.


  1. Anonymous26 June, 2008

    MashAllah! Here's our favorite strawberry recipe:

  2. MashaAllah sister what a nice ick, i took a leaf out of your blog and did my garden today, just a clean up, weeding and grooming and a good wash. I want to get some flowers but not sure where is best in Newham, there is this stall in Eastham in the market, do you know of anywhere elses? I scattered some seeeds lst year and wanted to see what would happen , something has emerged from the ground, pretty purple flowers and marigolds i thing, i am too emmarased to post photos on my blog, my garden is a dag!

  3. Assalam-alaikam Sister Umm Nassim,
    Was the recipe for Strawberry Clafoutis (The end of the link is missing), it looks a bit like a crumble - but gooier.

    Assalam-alaikam Sister Rainbow,
    I think I know the stall (near Sainsbury's?), I had alook the other day. Buying plants can really add up to lots of expense. I like the plants that are least trouble and come back every year: fuschia, roses, geraniums any trailing or climbing flowers. Also those you can plant and forget like begonia's, petunia's and busy lizzies.

    If you can get up the road to Barking, then there is a flower stall there (again not cheap). I have picked up some nice plants/flowers from the two pound shops there (Poundland and 99p Shop).
    The cheapest are the boot sales, where there are lots of traders, including people who have just grown them at home (they are the cheapest, a few weeks back I got two geraniums for £1 and five marigolds for £1)

  4. assalamu alaykum sister umm salihah,
    just re-refreshed my garden too, front and back.
    I went to the East Ham market stall too! I think I saw you the other day ;)
    Plants have gone up in prices.
    I got my plants from B&Q, big tray for a £1 or £2