Wednesday 18 June 2008

Pakistani Mean Time (as Opposed to Greenwich Meantime)

Had a ridiculous evening yesterday. After a fairly easy day at work, I decided to pick up a few things on the way home. I ended up with five big pant pots and a bag of compost I couldn’t carry. I dragged them to the bus praying Tasbih Fatimah (RA) to get me there and somehow managed to drag them home.

I had to get the compost into the pots as soon as I got home because some of the plants were ones my mum and aunt had pulled out of their garden and sent over in carrier bags (they reckon they are weeds, but I reckon the flowers are too pretty.). Just managed to get this done and better half announces that as he is free this evening we can get some visiting out of the way.
So chased the kids round the house to get them ready and made plans to go see my second cousin visiting from Dubai for an hour and then family friends who are going to Pakistan for an hour, then home for hubby’s lovely mince and potato curry.

Best laid plans of mice and men and all that, we ended up staying at cousins for two hours during which Little Man and Gorgeous ran riot pestering her children and sneaking ice-cubes out of her fridge. Little Lady ran out in to the garden in the rain, as soon as she was herded in, someone opened the front door and the whole lot of them ran out that way. The family had a two-month old baby and as usual Gorgeous is following the baby around with the intention of playing "poke the baby in the eye". Eventually, all doors locked we were served pakora and chips and I was presented with a very pretty fuchsia and bronze coloured suit.

We made our excuses and sneaked off to the friend’s house planning to stay for half an hour, say bye and get straight home. Her son is Little Man’s best friend and they behave like a pair of fighting cocks, so I have a hoarse throat from talking/pulling them apart by the end of the night. They have a lovely little eight month old baby girl and again Gorgeous is up to his "poke the baby in the eye" trick so I have to divide my attention between the two sets of children and our host. Of course being Pakistani they had prepared a lovely meal (chicken and green bell pepper curry, sheikh kebabs, naan bread and ice-cream) so my attempt at eating less go out the window.

Half an hour turned into just under three hours and at about midnight we got the sleeping children out of the car and into bed, prayed, put hubby’s mince and potato curry into the fridge uneaten and slunk into bed.

Just recovering quietly at the moment at my desk with a hazy brain and an aching body.

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