Saturday 7 June 2008

Sunny Saturday Morning

I am recovering from the night before at the moment - not a hang-over but exhuastion. Better half called me at work yesterday to say guests were coming that evening. He would have tried to re-schedule for the week-end, but the are going back to Pakistan next week. So I gave him the shopping list and spent the rest of the day with my mind on that evening. I picked up a bit more shopping on the way home and then attempted to launch straight into the cooking. Hubby got me to sit down for half an hour and rest, then I rushed down stairs and got started. Made kebabs, chicken and potato curry, tandoori chicken and roast wedges and big bowls of salad for eight of us, plus seven little ones. At about midnight I finally had the woozy kids in bed, left-overs in the fridge, dishes back in the cupboard and finished praying Isha salah. My hubby sidled up looking sheepish saying "Oh, you must be tired" - all I could say was mmm and try to keep a straight face.

So this morning, I slept late, had leftovers for breakfast and then had nothing to do. Oh how good that felt. Hubby also had no deliveries today and the sun was out out, so we visited the library, sat on a bench and had ice-cream in the shopping centre (the old-fashioned soft vanilla kind) and then came across the Al-Noor exhibition which was just the icing on the case.

It was also a nice opportunity to have a talk with Little Lady. She was complaining in the morning about Little Man annoying her and not letting her have a good day. I told her she could make a choice about whether she wanted to have a good day or a bad day, of course she chose good day. During the exhibition I asked her if she was having a good day - "YES!", I reminded her that she chose to have a good day and all of these good things had come to her. She looked a bit dubious at my cod-psychology, but it was worth a try.

Now I'm off to see my mum and gran and then my aunt has invited us to dinner, so I plan to go on as I have started insh'Allah.

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