Saturday 7 June 2008

Al-Noor Exhibition

We came across this free exhibition in the town hall whilst out for a stroll this morning and I was intrigued. Brothers outside were welcoming non-Muslims from the busy shopping centre with promises of free food and a gift bag. We decided to go and have a look and it turned out to be an excellent event arranged by one of the local Islamic schools, Al-Noor. They had used the Exhibition Islam materials which I have seen before at other events and which are beautifully produced to provide information on everything about Islam: its beliefs, its history, its art and architecture and key Muslim figures such as scientists and mathmeticians. Inside we were treated to a wonderful rendition by Al-Noor students of some of Zain Bhika's nasheeds. This later changed to a brother giving a talk about Islam, which was interesting, but I must say that the people visiting were tending to stop to listen to the singers.

These Quran were all in different languages including Braille mash'Allah.

A large part of the exhibition was given over to Islamic clothing and style and also to art work from the Islamic world.

There was also a henna art and "try on hijab" stalls which were a great idea but also had a great look as that corner of the hall was transformed with low lighting, cushions and throws into a eastern boudoir. A "Medicine of the Prophet" type stall offered beautifully displayed dates, figs, olives and honey. A play-area was provided for little ones with tables for children to paint clay pots and plates and a design a prayer mat activity. There were also Islamic children books and toys on display.

The food was also great and kept us going till we got home.

Alhamdulillah it was a lovely. I saw the goody bags being given away and they included copies of the Quran in English. I asked one of the sister who had paid for the event and she told me that each stall-holder had paid for their bit. All I can say is may Allah (SWT) reward all of these brothers and sisters for all of their effort and may they see the fruits of it insh'Allah.


  1. Anonymous09 June, 2008

    wow that food looks well tasty! normally they give rubbish stuff out... also looks like a good way for people to see diff aspects of islam and if girls are thinking about wearing a hijab, great ideas!

  2. Hey little sis,
    the food was gorgeous, but we paid as it wasn't meant for us. It was a really nice event. The silver bling goblet was nice too. I can just see me putting my hijab pins in there.