Saturday 21 June 2008

Jewellery Inspiration

About two weeks ago I visited Barleylands farm market again and get my hands on an enormous haul of beads, boxes and wire for £5 from an old lady (I felt like I was robbing her as it was and she kept giving me more things for free). I spent last Saturday and this Saturday sorting them out. Previously, I had lots of ideas and a very random mix of beads.

Now I had lots of beads and I didn't know where to start. As better half has decided to go wholesale with the building work and try and half demolish our house, my stuff was all packed up so I didn't have anywhere to work.

I packed my stuff into my book bag and went over to my mums. All of us sisters adore my mum's taste in clothing and she loves her jewel-like colours, so I thought I'd have a look at her suits for some inspiration. Her wardrobe inspired me to crack in to the pretty crystal beads I had been saving.

In between trying to stop Gorgeous eating the beads and flinging them across the room in a fit of temper, I made Little Lady the anklet and bracelet that she has been pestering me for. She promised to look after them and then promptly misplaced her bracelet.

Little Ladies bracelet inspired me to make the anklet I promised one of my work colleagues but couldn't get up the nerve to make, I couldn't get a clear picture (need to get a proper camera), but I used large white and thin saucer-shaped hot pink and purple swarovski-type crystals. I used silver tibetan spaces in between to give it some weight and make it a bit less childish looking. I hope she likes it.

Now I've got a few more ideas, but not much time to make them. I think once the work on the house is complete, I will try and make myself a nice little craft corner something like this one which is just lovely.


  1. Aslamu alakum sister
    that jewlery looks lovey sister, my sister does the same with sawozky beeds she made me some earings once and i really love them.
    hey great stuff about this interview , let us know what unflods, you just never know who is reading your blog.

  2. Anonymous23 June, 2008

    oooh, u have been discovered! everyone always goes on about ur great writing skills, maybe now u can be recognised (in some shape or form) for it. good work sis ;o) proud of u. x

  3. Salamz Muslim Mama, ur blog is great n thnx for ur comments on my pages.

    I've tagged u, plz see questions on my blog. M waiting for ur answers[:)]

  4. Anonymous25 June, 2008

    Salam'alaikum sister Muslim Mama,

    I just discovered your blog, masha Allah it's very informative & lovely.

    Do keep up the great work!

    Take care (^_^)

  5. Assalam-alaikam Sister's
    what kind and encouraging comments.

    Ghazala - I have e-mailes you

    Sis Rainbow - I know, I am curious as to what unfolds too.

    Hey J

    Woman in aMen's World - Tags are hard work!! It was sweet of you to think of me, but my Urdu is not great.

    Seaniqabi - welcome, I'm glad you stopped by. I like you're blog too (I'm ENFJ by the way - I liked that post) and I am a collector like you too.