Monday 9 June 2008

Overcoming Obstacles.

What do you do in the face of a seemingly insurmountable obstacle? Well when I got home from a day at my mum’s to find that the plumber had taken the kitchen and bathroom apart and arranged it throughout the house and garden, my first reaction was to despair and sneak off to bed (I think that’s called avoidance).

In the end I took a deep breath and followed some steps:

First Things First
I got the kids to have a drink of milk, get changed and into bed. Once the most important things are done, everything else is superficial.

Take Stock
I prayed my Maghrib prayer, asked Allah for help and decided where I had to start.

I started with the most important area’s – the bathroom and kitchen (all my cooking utensils and dishes were sitting in the garden) and then some of the living room, I left the garden for another time.

Do What You Can.
I tried to be realistic; there is only so much you can do late on a Sunday night as you have to prepare for work the next morning. So I did what was most important and left the rest for the next few days.

I think these steps can be used for any area of life, perhaps the only thing I would add is to review. Thinking about if there is something I could do differently or better next time.

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