Thursday 1 May 2008

Wedding Cards

As the wedding season is due to kick off soon and we have two weddings coming up in the family (one gorgeous potential sis-in-law found, the hunt for a second is on insh'Allah), I thought I would try my hand at wedding cards (click to enlarge).

The background in this one was cut out from a magazine.

The background for this card was a see-through type glittery gold fabricy paper I had saved from an old wedding invite.

This one is my favourite and I am saving it for a family wedding insh'Allah, but it feels incomplete to me, I wonder what I could add to finish it off. Any ideas?


  1. Anonymous02 May, 2008

    for the last one (wedding dress card) u could put one of those head dress things, u kno those hippy ones like a daisy chain ring to match the dress?

  2. Thats not actually a bad idea, wouldn't be too complicated to do either.

  3. Salaams Sis:

    This cards are so lovely! Everyone would appreciate such a nice work of art, instead of a Hallmark, lol.

    Some of the inmates at the prison where I work make cards. Their trademark is "SheMark" lol.

  4. I meant "these" arggg