Tuesday 13 May 2008

Mum’s Back: Mission Khewra

Woo-hoo, my mum came back from Pakistan yesterday after a month away and have we all missed her.

Poor dad and gran have been eating take-away for a month although long-suffering sis has been cooking after work intermittently and looks exhausted (try doing it with three kids hon).

Mum suffers from very bad asthma and was struggling on a daily basis. Usually a trip to Pakistan gives her relief, but hadn’t this time, so she had hoped that a trip to Khewra’s famous salt mines might help. A specialist asthma clinic has been established there recently which recommends that patients spend about 10 hours a day in rooms made of salt. It all sounded a bit hokey, but we were getting desperate. Scientific or not, it seems to have worked.

Happily, she says that she can breathe at last and the asthma attacks have stopped alhamdulillah. So I’m hoping she stays well insh’Allah (she still has her hay fever to contend with and my sister’s hairy cat). Lots of people have asked about the hospital, so if anyone is interested or curious the contact details are:

Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation Salt Mines Khewra
District Jhelum, pakistan.
Tel: 0092 544211118

If anyone is interested, ask me in a few weeks via the comments and I will let you know if the effects remain and my mum is still well insh'Allah.
In amongst all that salt-mine visiting she managed to fit in some shopping (you can’t keep my mum away from the bazaar), so I and Little Lady received presents too:


  1. Aslamua alakum
    Thats great news alhamduillah , may allah grant mum shifa ameen. The salt mines sounds totally fab mashaAllah , I am very much into natural methods for health subhanAllah. Did she suffer from paic attacks too along with the asmatha?

  2. Assalam-alaikam Sister Rainbow,
    Jazakh'Allah-khairun for your kind words. Mum is still so young and we still all need her, so I hope she stays well too insh'Allah.
    She didn't have panic attacks but says her asthma started when she came to England and lived in a damp flat, plus they were still burning coal in those days!

    The salt idea is great, I'm going to see if I can get hold of salt lamps for her house insh'Allah.

  3. Was it black salt by any chance? s when i was in the Punjab ,India many many years ago , they are very big on black salt for various illnesses and it taste great too. i never found it again es in the west?

    Allah grant your mum shifa and give her a very long and healthy life ameen!