Wednesday 21 May 2008


Mr Removal Man aka Better Half has been bringing us more gifts recently. He recently did a house move for a lady who had an enormous leather recliner that she couldn’t get into her flat so let my husband have it. We stashed it in the back room and were using it is a playground ride (it swings round in a circle and rocks), for hubby to nap on and to plonk the baby on when he wouldn’t let go of our legs.

We put it up for sale for £60 and sold it to a man for £30 who wanted it for his sick mother to rest on.

He was given a new mattress, a double bed and a pair of leather sofa’s which he is flogging. Thankfully one of his friends is allowing him to use his garage so we have managed to get some of this stuff out of the house, although we still have two dozen children’s chairs in the garden and various other things jammed into the cupboard under the cellar (I think everything but the ladder in the pic was free).

I could complain about the mess, but its kind of fun, you never know what he is going to come home with and a lot of it has come in useful. A lot of it has also gone to friends and family – washing machines, cupboards, fittings and fixtures, sofa’s and other furniture, proving that one mans rubbish really can be another’s treasure.

Now I just have to make time to take pictures of it all and start sticking it on gumtree as quick as he’s carting it in.

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