Saturday 24 May 2008

Chigwell Row

We managed to visit Chigwell Rise boot sale this morning. I only had an hour to browse because I had to get back home for a dentist appointment , but managed to find a few things. Only saw a small chunk of the market which was enormous because of the nice weather.

Managed to pick upa few craft supplies and two very good books for £1 (the Childrens Encyclopedia is by Dotrling Kindersley who is a favourite of mine, their illustrations and quality just stand out).

Green is my favourite colour and the shades in the ink-pad just make my heart sing. I have a few of these in different colours now, but not sure how to use them, will have to experiment.

I was all out of gift bags, so this batch for £2 will come in useful. there are a couple of new baby ones (which always get used) and the rest will come in useful next Eid (good thing about gift bags is that they need minimum storage space). At £2-£3 each for nice ones, I don't think I would buy them new. I especially love the green and pink one with the diamante buckle on the right. I think I'll save that one for someone special.

This came in a little back-pack and cost £2. When I opened it, it just unpacked itself. The kids were delirious. Only thing is, I can't get it back in the bag now.


  1. Aslamu alakum
    great finds sister i have the same book for my kids , payed humm £7 pounds or more with weetabix vouchers a very long time ago. anyhow i only got into car bootie since moving to Algeria! As we need all thoses cheep bargins, my problem is i don't drive and have to rely on others to take me , not always possible and dh just does not want to browse, he goes to all the male tools and stuff borring for me! And he is done! I avoid going with him, can't wait to get down there upon my return, you have to becarful as you can end up with too many bargins and the home becomes cluttered!

  2. I have the same problem, I don't drive, but hubby usually takes me (although its black-mail, he knows I'll be as good-as-gold for the rest of the week).
    Better half also stock-piles tools and electric bits and bobs. I have really had to be careful with the buying as you're right. our home gets very cluttered. So we do a boot sale once or twice a year and try to sell some of it. Also we give lots of it away (its easy to be generous when things don't cost a lot)