Thursday 29 May 2008

First Sleep-over.

Little Lady had her first sleep-over yesterday at my Aunty’s house. All the kids are on holiday and both Little Lady and my little cousin have been using their pester-power to get us to dial each other’s numbers so they could invite each other over. In the end my Aunt took pity and asked Little Lady if she wanted to stay, she was off like a shot and now my house feels empty.

Daughters are the laughter and chatter and joy of a house (sons are its chaos and mischief and mini bulldozers). Yesterday evening I was home with my husband, sons and brother-in-law and though I had a lovely evening chatting away with Little Man who got centre stage for a change, something felt amiss. I called my Aunt’s house to check up on Little Lady and tell her to go to bed now and she said she would when she finished watching TV. I told her I missed her, she said "OK, talk to T (cousin) now, I’m busy"


  1. Anonymous30 May, 2008

    so her sleep overs at mum's don't count? im heartbroken, all those times she kicked me in bed, took my bedcovers and woke me up early with her funny ways... *sigh* alll for nothing. lol

  2. Hey FS,
    I don't think staying at your gran's counts as a sleepover. Also I think kicking your aunty in the ribs is called doing her a favour.