Saturday 17 May 2008


I know that people around the world are mourning 60 years of Al-Naqba (the catastrophe) of the Palestinian people at the moment and that 15 may was Blog about Palestine Day. I was not going to say anything because I don't feel knowledgeable enough to comment, but a few of our blogging brothers and sisters have put the pain of the Ummah across in the most eloquent words and pictures, so I felt that it would be good to highlight these:

Sunni Sister - Existence
Southern Muslim - Diaspora
Come Share My Thoughts on day to day Challenges - Tears for the Palestinian People
Paul S Graham -al Naqba at 60 and the reflections of a recovered Zionist
The Muslimah - Blog about Palestine Day: My Husband's Grandmother
Peace Palestine: Sixty years after 'Al-Nakba' in Palestine - ROR is still a fundamental issue
The Right of Return Ring of Blogs

Allah bring peace and prosperity to our Brothers and Sisters in Palestine. How must it be for a father or mother to bury one child after another?

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