Monday 28 May 2018

Risk Assessment for a Nap

I have been managing to keep well through Ramadan and wake for suhoor and then again in the morning for the school run and work, mainly thanks to my daily short nap after I get home for work.  Usually this is about thirty to forty minutes and the kids are allowed internet access to do homework to keep them busy.  I get both of the youngest to lie down with me so that they are not causing havoc and we get some cuddle time (which is as comforting and soothing for me as it is for them).

This week I hosted an iftar for my family and found myself utterly exhausted.  I decided to give myself the luxury of a longer afternoon sleep.  Usually this means I have to carry out a little cost-benefit analysis of whether the potential mischief that will happen will I am unconscious and the work that it will create afterwards, is worth the bit of extra sleep and rest.  Yesterday I came to the conclusion I was tired enough and had earned it to the risk.  A very nice sleep it was too, despite the heat.

I woke to find the cost of my little nap:
The front door was open
Darling had decided to hold onto the washing while she used her brothers skateboard and broke the washing line – with the slightly damp washing still on it
Dad-in-law had ended up on Netflix log in page and was looking at the screen wondering where he was (I suspect the kids were trying to find a way to get in)
The sink was full of dishes and the kitchen counter full of bread crumbs and chocolate spread smears (Darling again)

I think the kids were shocked that I hadn’t lost my temper at them.  It’s a wonder what a good nap can do for your mood.

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