Sunday 27 May 2018

Baby Iftar and Granddad Intervention

We had a bright idea on the first day of Ramadan of giving the babies an early iftar of their own and sending them to bed.  The rest of us could then eat in peace and I wouldn’t have two people hanging off me and harassing me through dinner after a long day of fasting.

We set them out a portion of our food and got them excited about their little picnic iftar.

Alhamdulillah it worked a treat and they went to bed happy.  Except they came back down at iftar time and caught us having our own “picnic”.  There was a lot of angry protestation, but everyone was quite firm that they must go back to bed.  If we had stuck to this then we would have been sorted for the rest of the month.  But everyone didn’t include dad-in-law who kept telling us to let them stay and that iftar was joyless without children.  The babies were marched back to bed and told to stay there.  Dad-in-law then proceeded to stand in their room looking sad and saying “poor girls”.

The next day we just let them stay and they have been joining us for iftar ever since.

Eating her grandfather’s pani puri.

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