Saturday 5 May 2018

Gifts from Pakistan: Embroidery and Florals

My dad-in-law has come to stay for the summer and brought gifts for all the girls.  Pretty dresses picked by my mother in law and sweets and snacks.

These two tunics are for me, they are very light cotton, so I will be wearing them in summer, particularly during Ramadan. 

This top was for Little Lady who liked the birdcage motif.  You could probably fit there of her in it, so she will bee asking her nan to take it in for her.

For my two little girls, my brother in law Whatsapped pictures of outfits he (or his wife in reality) liked the look of for me to pick one I liked.  I picked the blue one below with the flared sharara trousers and the pretty embroidery for Darling.  He picked the green one for Baby.  I liked the embroidery on both.

Along with the clothes, we got our annual dose of fresh roasted peanuts, sweets made of ghee and sesame seeds (rewari) and milky barfi which has been getting served to guests and disappearing fast. May Allah (SWT) bring my mum- and dad- in law to stay with us for many years to come, give them good health and make us a source of comfort for them insh'Allah.

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