Wednesday 20 June 2018

Picture of the Day 19.05.18: He's Home

My better half came home the night before Eid (Chand raat) after six weeks of doing dawah work in California.  As always there was relief and tears on my part and the sweetness of coming home to your loved ones on his.  But always as always there were the small recriminations tucked away in my heart.  Of being left to deal with it all by myself, of unruly boys and little ones and in-laws to look after.  Of the barbed comments from people about his leaving that I have had to endure so many times. Of feeling like my life is on hold every time he goes away.  Of feeling stronger every time, but resenting having to be so strong.

He dropped off his bags, we broke fast together and then took me shopping at 1am despite my protestations that I have something to wear for Eid.  As it was chand raat the shops were all open and there was a really celebratory vibe everywhere.  I found something I really liked and then he insiste we find a scarf to match it.

We had a beautiful Eid alhamdulilah and as always when he returns, he has been at his kindest and most understanding, waiting for the complaints to subside and helping me as much as he can.  Knowing I am tired, he gently reminds me that he could not do what he does, if we did not do what we do, and what he does is so important to us.

On my part I have to remember the importance of his dawah work, the value of it in the sight of Allah (SWT) and the benefits.  He tells me the people he met in California were soft hearted and listened to him, many were concerned for the iman (faith) and upbringing of their children and were thinking about how they could ensure faith remained a part of their lives.

In any case, I am glad to have him home and I am thinking about how I can reward myself with a break of some kind, if not physical, then mental at least.

Chocs from America, I look forward to taste testing these :)

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