Tuesday 15 May 2018

Picture of the Day 12.05.18: Ramadan Crafts Preparation

I was more than a little distracted at the moment so didn’t even think of Ramadan crafts until Little Lady suggested we do something.  She had been inspired by some of the images on Pinterest and was up for the idea of creating something.  So this year I supplied materials and some technical suggestions and she took the lead on colour schemes and what we should make.

We had a lot of fun, it was nice having someone to do the detailed stuff (she is a lot better at it than me) and a lot less work for me.  Can’t wait for her to put all of the parts together and see how it’s going to look insh’Allah.


  1. Very nice..I have also prepared Ramadan calendar to my daughter..such things really motivate kids to know more about their religion