Monday 7 May 2018

Picture of the Day 06.05.18: Beading Fun

The bank holiday meant that I had an extra day off and some extra time and head space to do something a bit more relaxing.  I took my box of beads out from under my bed where it has (literally) been gathering dust for some time and slowly unpacked what I had.  I always find that jewellery making takes a lot of time sorting my beads out and seeing what I have and how they might work together and a short time stringing the price of jewellery together.

As always, the Babies saw the beads and refused to leave me in peace. We ended up with beads everywhere.  Little Lady came to the rescue and found her old box of beads for them to play with. She took some of mine to create a delicate, pretty bracelet of sparkly clear glass crystal beads and blue crystal spacer beads that she has been wearing ever since.

I tested out my new bead board, which ended up being used to hold beads rather than plan out a piece.

I ended up with a few new pieces to match with various scarves.  I have just sealed the knots in the bracelets with nail varnish and I am waiting for them to dry before I try them on.

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