Tuesday 15 May 2018

Picture of the Day 12.05.18: Hosting Dinner

Fashionista Sister came to stay this weekend with a bit of pestering from the rest of us, so we managed to get some time with all four of us sisters together.  Usually my mum cooks when we are all together and we all look forward to her cooking. This time I thought I would give her a break and host.

That meant that all of my housework and cooking got done in one day with lots of help from the kids and my dad-in-law who is proving handy with a hoover and likes to feel useful. 

I ended up making lamb curry, pea pilau rice, chickpea and potato salad (channa chaat), saucy baked chicken (from this recipe), green chutney, raita and a salad.  Mum didn’t end up resting her knees and went shopping instead.

It was lovely having my parents over and after they had left the four of us stayed behind and joked and laughed to tears.  We told stories about the various occasions we had managed to scare our husbands, so we clearly all have a really mature sense of humour.  My brother and sister-in-law were missed, she is good natured company, plus she is an easy target to tease too.

Its time like this I am grateful for my family, my awesome sisters and all of our precious little ones, may Allah SWT keep them safe and always a part of my life insh’Allah.

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