Sunday 28 June 2015

Ramadan Journal 2015: Day 7 - Mood

The first few days of Ramadan saw my mood on a bit of a roller-coaster ride, suffering from exhaustion, missing my husband, wondering how I would get through this month and try and use the time as positively and productively as possible and try and gain the most rewards that I could.

That changed mid-week when I came home to find this:

Fashionista Sister had ordered a cake and had it sent to me as a surprise with the proceeds going to Islamic Relief's work in Syria.  She had said it was to cheer me up and it really, really did.

Never underestimate the effect of  good deed, no matter how big or small.  To the person on the receiving end it can make such a difference.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed this, as did both our neighbours.  I am eating sensibly at the moment, so made do with Darling's leftovers rather than a whole slice, but it was tasty nevertheless.


  1. Anonymous29 June, 2015

    I have been following your blog lately and I am impressed with your views on religious topics. Being a muslim, alot of people ask me absurd questions on polygamy in Islam. I would like to know your views on this topic. I know sisters who are okay with their husbands having multiple wives and some have to accept it reluctantly. In a hypothetical scenario, if you are ever faced with such a situation what would be your stand ?

  2. Assalamalaikum. I have been following ur blogs for quite a while now. And, I love your blog posts btw =) MA! ur such an inspiration. Thank you for this post. what you said about never underestimating a good deed was powerful.

    it motivated me to go out and do things for others as well n put smiles on their faces. thank you soooo much for sharing your story about how ur sister brought over that cake.

    this led to a ripple effect of good deeds MA! MAY ALLAH s.w.t bless you and your family. ameen. sum ameen. remember when one person does a good deed because of seeing u do it, you share in that reward as well! =)

    Have a blessed and amazing Ramadan and keep posting awesome stuff =)