Thursday 18 June 2015

Picture of the Day: 16.06.15 - Unexpected Detour

My husband usually drops me to work, but as he is in America at the moment, I have been commuting.  It takes a bus and three changes of train to get to work, to cover what is essentially a 15-20 minute car journey.

It sounds quite miserable, except for one thing, I get time to read twice a day, which I am enjoying thoroughly.  I was enjoying it a bit too much yesterday and looked up from my book and realised I had taken a train in the wrong direction at ended up with an interesting view.

I can see the building below from the other side from my office in the distance, a gothic looking old warehouse called Millennium Mills which is currently abandoned.  The second picture is of the famous Thames Barrier which protects London from flooding.  I enjoyed the view but maybe not the extra 30 minutes added to my travel time to correct my journey.

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