Monday 22 June 2015

Ramadan Banner and Framed Print: Dreamy Greens and Blues

I really wanted to make a new banner and frame with my children for my home to welcome Ramadan.  I love the Moroccan-style quatrefoile tile print, I love greens and blues and colours that are harmonious next to each other and I love anything with an ombre effect.  So you can imagine I came across this print and really liked it.  I simply added a white box with curved corners and added text in teal in a Calibri font.  I printed to A4 card and set in a frame.

For the banner, I used the colours from the frame as my inspiration.  The letters were large wooden letters I spray painted silver.  These are actually recycled letters from a banner I made for someone and they were kind enough to give me the letters back after using it, which is handy as my A's and E's always get used up first.

The coloured card is plain card stock from DCWV and the ribbon is the last of two spools I bought from Wilkinson because I adored the colour.  the silver minaret, crescent and star are from a pack of "Happy Eid" peel-offs I use on cards.

Alhamdulillah I was pleased with it and it cheers me up every time I walk past it.

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