Monday 15 June 2015

Picture of the Day: 15.06.15 - Pre-Ramadan Treats

After a ridiculous day full of fighting with the kids tiring me out, I decided the next day I would do things differently.  So when the boys woke up and started the he-said, he-did, I sent one to wash dishes and the other to hoover the living room.

Every squabble that morning was followed up by a new chore.  Thankfully they realised -fairly soon that this was no fun and got on with homework and occupying themselves.

That meant I could get all my laundry, cooking, cleaning and shopping finished by midday.  I treated myself by taking everyone to my mums and treating myself to a new book, a walnut whip, a buttery sultana cookie and my last coffee before Ramadan starts, in the nice mug I bought my mum but which I use myself every time I go to her house. I didn't fancy starting Ramadan with two days of coffee withdrawal headaches, so have stopped having my morning coffee.  I felt sleepy this afternoon at work, but had plenty to keep myself busy and will hopefully not miss it after a few days.

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