Friday 26 June 2015

Aaila the Muslim Family Magazine – Ramadan 201/143 Edition

The latest edition of Aaila, the Muslim Family Magazine is now online thanks to the help and contribution of all its wonderful writers and volunteers. Some of the articles at the top of my to-read list this Ramadan include:

Are you a depressed Muslimah? by Akintobi Aminat Abiodun

Note to my 12 year old self by Sana Sarwar

Muslim Business Women Series Fehmida Shah: a Smart Sister by Farhat Amin

5 Steps to Breaking Depression's Back in Ramadan by Tabassum Mosleh

Getting Ready for Eid Before Ramadan by Anum Ali

As well as the magazines book club and series of product reviews. Please do take a look and if there is something you find beneficial, please do leave a comment to say, every comment or piece of feedback is very much appreciated. If you would like to contribute something for the next issue, please contact the editor Umm Imran at:

You can visit and follow the lively and engaged Aaila Facebook page here.

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