Monday 15 June 2015

Product Review: Heart Hijab Scarves

I was asked by Heart Hijab if I would like to review some hijabs for them.  Heart Hijab sell a wide range of hijabs, as well as abaya's and modest clothing.  They describe themselves as an ethical business who try to keep prices as low as they can, to support sisters with financial difficulties, serve their community and put reward before business.  I liked a quote that they share on their website:

“A truthful and honest trader will be a companion of the prophets, the righteous and the martyrs on the Day of Judgement.” [Tirmidhi]

I mentioned to the sister at Heart Hijab that I liked the look of the ombre effect ones and they sent me one ombre, one very sparkly one and a subtle sparkly one to try out.

The first one I tried was the Vanilla ombre effect hijab.  I love colours that are harmonious more than strongly contrasting to each other, so I love anything shaded in this way. Some of the other colours in this range have a stronger gradient of shading, but this one was quite a light colour and the ombre effect quite subtle.  The shading is across the width of the scarf rather than the length, so you get it all along the scarf when you wear it.

I tried pairing this with both my black and brown abaya's and it looked great with both.  I would wear this to work, but the soft, fairly neutral colour means that I might wear it with an evening or party dress too.

The fabric is very soft rayon and the scarf is a generous size.  I think this first hijab was my favourite of all of the ones I tested.

The second hijab I tried was the purple shimmer hijab.  This was made from a textured jersey type fabric and smaller than the ombre hijab, but about the exact size I like to wear because I find it most manageable.  I was worried about ironing it, but ironed it on the back without any trouble.

This hijab has some serious sparkle and is definitely one for a special occasion.  I think I would wear this with black to really dress up a simple outfit, or as a stole with a plain outfit.  I can imagine someone younger like my daughter really enjoying experimenting with ways to wear this.

The third hijab was the subtle shimmer hijab in grey.  The fabric is viscose with flecks of glitter that show up in the light.  I think I would be more likely to wear this to a wedding or special occasion as it feels easy and elegant.

Overall I found these to be good, reliable hijabs in a good size.  I found the service fantastic and was seriously impressed by Heart Hijabs prices, if I tried them in future I would probably go for the ombre hijabs or the print hijabs for work.

If you are thinking of taking a look, they currently offer free shipping on orders over £15 in the UK and very reasonable shipping to other countries.  They also include a free gift on orders over £23 (excluding postage).

You can find their website here as well as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram pages.


  1. Their prices look brilliant, very reasonable!

  2. You should also show more of the forehead and style it in such a way that the face appears narrower from the face sides. The scarf should also be a little loose.