Monday 11 May 2009

Small Treats

You know when you have a busy day and you should just stick to what you are doing? I knew I had guests coming, I knew I had shopping and cooking to do, plus I woke up late. So when hubby asked if I fancied leaving the kids with their gran and visiting a boot, I just couldn't say no, especially after all that sickness meant that I didn't feel like going out for ages.

I ended up in Dunton (I swear there are more dogs than people ate that market!) and didn't buy a single useful or sensible thing. I did manage to find a few things that I enjoy though, which counts just as much I suppose.

These books came to about £1.80. I like both Margaret Atwood and Stephen King, the others I will probably give away or sell on (they were 20p each), I love anything tht has to do with the surreal, unexplained or occult (a left-over from a teenage curiosity that made me read the entire occult section of the library and left me rather skeptical - my dad would have gone nuts if he found those books).

The craft goodies came to about £5, which is a fraction of the shop cost. Sod's Law being what it was, I bought a paper-trimmer/guillotine for £15 after looking for a cheap one and not finding it, I then found this one, which is a costlier brand for 50p - typical.

The stickers on the trimmer are PaperMate which is a popular brand, but pricey. The stamps I decided to give a try because stamping is the big thing in the card-making world right now and I wanted to try. The lady selling them showed me some ways to use them and promised to give me a mini-tutorial if I went back next week (very sweet). She was clearing out her craft room and sold me flowers, packs of papers, packs of brads, sticker and peel-off sheets and packs of ribbon-stickers which will keep me busy for ages.

Now all I have to do is make some time to play with them...maybe if I wait till everyone is sleeping and then get out of bed again...

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