Sunday 24 May 2009

Bringing It All Together

Saturday morning I collected some supplies I needed and headed to my mum's to confer with my sisters:

Can you guess what we've been up to?


  1. I can hardly believe you would be able to craft being all together?! :-) Especially LSS would be doing dishes again...

  2. My sisters and I cannot accomplish a task together without being distracted by each others company. And laughter. And food.

  3. we manage but there is the usual messing around, arguing etc!

    Umm Nassim -no dishes this time... :)

  4. Assalam-alaikam,

    Sister Umm Nassim,
    Not much crafting got done, lots of laughing and squabbling though.

    Sis iMuslimah,
    what is it with sisters, laughter anf ood always enter into the equation doesn't it?

    it's you that causes all the arguments!