Saturday 9 May 2009

Playing with Colour - May Cards

I thought it would be nice to make a change from Eid cards for some variety, so had a go at these.

The patterned green paper used in the background of this card is from a brochure. I've saved all sorts of bits of nice paper from catalogues, brochures and packaging which I am working with at the moment. Not only are they free (papers bought from the stores for this purpose are extortionately priced), but they are also unique and the patterns and textures can give you inspiration for the whole card. They aso tend to be good think quality.

This is a simple design using one of the packs of papers I bought with the gift vouchers I was given at work. It's nice to have an assortment of coloured paper to play about with. I managed to cut the sides of this blue piece of paper with the special blade on my new guillotine before I broke it. I'll try taking it back today and see if I can pick up some nice bits in it's place.

Me and Little Lady had fun picking the colours for the background in this card and the one below.


  1. what lovely colours and cards you have made, hope you feeling better sis hugsxxxx

  2. Anonymous09 May, 2009

    nice colors , i liked them very much

    go on , good work

  3. Mashallah what a creative idea. I love them especially the third one. So nice.

  4. Assalam-alaikam,

    Sis rainbow,
    thank you for the hugs, much appreciated. I do feel miles better.

    Jerus Nymph,
    thank you for the kind comments and encouragement.
    Your name sounds so pretty in Arabic.

    thank you for the comment comments. I'll let Little Lady now you liked the colour scheme.