Friday 15 May 2009

Holden Point – Visit to Olympic Site

Because some of our work relates to the Olympics, our team was taken to Holden Point to view the Olympic Site. I visited this site a year ago and it is clear the work is moving along. It's hard to tell from these pictures but right in the missdle of this picture is the new Stratford International Station which will extend the Eurostar further east. This used to be contaminated industrial wasteland with warehouses in some parts. My husband is a removal man and was called in by a few of the companies owning these to move out stock before they were demolished. Local animal sanctuaries were brought in to take away stray animals and wildlife and scientists were brought in to "wash" the soil. These were followed by archeologists to excavate the area.

This is a big opportunity for a long-neglected and run-down area, the tour-guide told us that she lived in the area and she has been fed up for years, but now she finally has hope that things are looking up.

We were finished by 2.30 and my managers kindly let me go (I think it was a bit obvious that I was chomping at the bit to get out of having to go back to work). Stratford has an indoor market and shopping center and as it was payday and Jummah as well, I thought I would bring home some sweets and fruit. As usual, I bought more than I could carry and my arms are now feeling it.

I thought I'd put together something healthy for the kids and they quite liked the idea. I'd love to find a set of little matching plastic bowls and a pretty tray for this and maybe chop different things up after lunch so they could nibble on them as they played.

Of course my efforts were sabotaged when they spotted the rest of what I had bought:

In the end I relented and let them have some donuts once they finished the fruit (as it goes brown first). Of couse the little girl next door got her share too courtesy of Little Man. The strawberies are for after dinner, if I open them now I will have riot on my hands as Little Man is obsessed (have you ever seen a kid grab and eat with both hands). The Aero's are for me and the rest is to share over the weekend.

(Umm Nassim I'll be thinking of you when I eat the chocolate). Jummah Mubarak everyone.


  1. Anonymous15 May, 2009

    Thats Good one , well done sister

    :) i engoy much the topic u do write

    but i hope u try to use some colors

    and some font tech

    would be better to help readers get ur idea so well

  2. Aero??? Are you serious??? You just know how to torture me, don't you? Alhamdulillah, have a wonderful weekend, plenty of rest...and there might even be a boot sale going on...

  3. i go past the olympic stadium most days and its cool to see things slowly being built up.

    looks really interesting