Tuesday 12 May 2009

Queries To My Office (Asking the Mayor for Assistance)

Stupid Enquiries:
Can you fix my washing machine?
The price of rice has shot up, what do I do?
When will all the schools in the borough be converted to Islamic schools?
How come Muslims are allowed to march [to celebrate Mawlid] and not Christians?
I am my girlfriend are moving to the area, is it rough? (not much!!)
Our dog called Satan has been kidnapped by the borough and is being held hostage.
I went to the Job Centre, I wasn`t helped getting a job, instead I was given ¿Cha¿ of dislike (those were this persons exact words).
All those people who think they deserve free housing because their parents had it and can’t see why it’s taking so long for them to be offered a place (when there are over 20,000 people on the waiting list).
The various (usually) gentleman who complain about their children’s schools, only for us to investigate and find that they have been banned from the school due to their abusive behaviour towards teachers.

Not-So-Stupid Enquiries:
I was trafficked and held captive for two years, I am now homeless – where do I go with my child?
My child is too scared of his teacher to go to school but will lose his school place if he doesn’t go back tomorrow – what do I do, the school will not speak to me?
I live with my children but my daughter-in-law is bullying me, can the council help me find somewhere to go?
My mother is suffering from terminal cancer, we have been waiting for a property for seven years. Please can we be allocated a permanent home so that she can die in peace as she does not have much time left.
My husband was abusive and refused to provide for me and my child, I am not in this country legally, where do I go? (In this case, this person went to a Family Assessment Centre with her baby and was told by the monstrosity at the counter that she would call the Police and get her deported. In the end one of our Muslimah Councillor’s was kind enough to give her cash from her pocket for food and nappies and take up her case).
Beloved Allah (SWT), bestow sense on those who stupidly waste our time and have mercy on those suffering alone right now.


  1. I would be a total wreck reading or listening to these inquiries all day! I would also acquire a serious chocolate addiction... Alhamdulillah, we should be so grateful for what we have! Over here...not living in Londonistan...we are battling not only increasing poverty but also increasing ignorance! I dread looking at the teenagers walking by every day, I dread looking at their parents chasing money and success...and then I get scared to death how I am possibly going to raise my children here! Now I need chocolate...

  2. Assalam-alaikam Umm Nassim,
    I found that as long as you either know what you are doing, or can find someone who does and follow a matter through, you can live with yourself. What I could not handle was when desperate people came to the council and were patronised, treated as spongers, sent away, or even worse sent from pillar to post endlessly. My sister works in a first-contact customer-service role and she sees her jaded, fed-up colleagues engaging in such behaviour daily.

    So I agree, alhamdulillah for what we have. As for the teenagers around here...now I need chocolate...