Monday 25 May 2009

It's a Yes!

After spending the weeks shopping and putting together gifts in anticipation, we finally got round to formally asking for a very lovely young woman’s hand for our brother.

There followed a lovely meal, a ring, some talk about dates and lots of hugs. So the prep begins and the dates vary between June to October so some more sitting down together will be required.

The pashmina's were the easy bit

All of these just adored these shoes and clutch:

We went to every shop in the vixinity, before we finally gave up, found a shop at the top of my mum's road and picked out these suits:

The finished, packaged gifts:

Our little mithai (Indian Sweet) factory (It was all we could do to keep ourselves from stuffing these into our mouths):


  1. your parcels are stunning! :)

  2. MashAllah! Who wouldn't want to marry into your family? You've all done a wonderful job with the gifts and the shopping! Thanks for sparing LSS's hands...hope you use Palmolive :-)

  3. Wow is beautiful. I love everything!

  4. Such good taste mashallah. This is a lucky bride! I can only imagine the actual wedding!

  5. Wow and mashallah! You get to do some great shopping in the UK. A 'des' within the UK?

    I've tagged you for a meme over at my blog. Would like to see what you would choose to write on this topic!

    Have a good day!

    What do I love about being a mom?

  6. i didn't do washing up this time Umm Nassim, but there was lots of taping/holding/arranging going on -thanks for keeping an eye on my hands too :)

  7. has to keep an eye on you sisters :-) I would simply delegate to washing up task to little lady...she might like flooding the kitchen. Kooky's remark just makes me think (okay, worried)...or she has inherited Umm Saliha's "boot syndrome" or we need to worry about the new bride-to-be...

  8. Beautiful items MashaAllah :)

  9. Anonymous29 May, 2009

    Absolutely love the last two dresses ... I want them, P L E A S E ... ;-)
    Mashallah! They are stunning


  10. Lovely clothes and jewellery!
    and i love those sweets in the last pic!

  11. Anonymous10 June, 2009

    I loved it all, but most of all, I love the funny, sweet, smiley family I will be joining soon, Insh'Allah!!!! xxxxx