Monday 11 May 2009

Little Lady's Green Fingers

Because I was so busy on Sunday with cooking for guests, I bossed the boys into having a nap (i.e. lie down and don't you dare get up!). When both the boys are sleeping, this usually means that Little Lady get's to do something that the boys disrupt her with - play with her bead box, her tea set, or in this case, a chance to grow something.

I gave her direction and a packet of flower seeds sitting in the cupboard. With the assistance of Little-Madam-next-door she managed to weed the pot of soil and break up the soil (we have been mending that fence since LL was three and these two have been breaking it again every time).

Of course, the minute I went back in the kitchen, they went crazy watering the pot. I don't know what it is about children and water and especially my children and drowning plants, but there seems to be a magnetic attraction between these elements (especially if you have told them not to get their clothes wet).

(She was very cross at me for taking this picture - I just love annoying them back).

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