Friday 15 May 2009

Prayer Morning

My mom has had a little something on her mind for a long time, so decided to give her friends and neighbours a shout to assist. Because we live amongst a big Muslim community here, whenever there is a problem, the ladies tend to get together. So yesterday she called a group together to pray and make dua. Me and Long-Suffering Sister took the day off from work and we all spent the morning reading Surah Yasin from the Quran.

Whilst they finished off praying, me and LSS prepared a little something to refresh the ladies:

My mum’s little sister made a beautiful dua at the end praying for those who have left us, for us to become sadaqah jariyah (ongoing charity) for our parents and for our children to be the same for us. She prayed that our children become the coolness of our eyes and that Allah (SWT) uses them for his will and accepts their Islam. She prayed for all of the Muslim’s around the world suffering right now. Everyone had tears in their eyes. Punjabi can be a coarse and bawdy language in the mouths of some, but my aunty made it sound very sweet and innocent with her words.

Of course this was followed by a slap-up meal consisting of my mum’s gorgeous cooking – after all the ladies had been praying continuously and silently for over two hours. This is my plate – you can tell how greedy I am.

Of course at the end of that there were the piles of washing – as usual LSS stepped up to the plate.


  1. My bags are packed and I'll gladly do the dishes...

  2. i think we should take Umm Nassim up on her offer :)

  3. Umm Nassim18 May, 2009

    lss...that is...because you just do not want to do the dishes anymore :-) I cannot blame you! I'll gladly take over!