Wednesday 24 December 2008

Little Lady and the Story of Zamzam.

Currently Little Lady and Little Man are hogging the computer every time I am out of the room. I have been warning them to stay away and not touch without permission as a computer is not a toy, but I suspect that whilst my husband was away and my brother-in-law was watching the kids (whilst I was at work), he has been letting YouTube baby-sit for him. The kids are obsessed with Tom and Jerry, everything from the black and white cartoons to the present day Tom and Jerry kid’s series. Even the baby is in on the act pointing at the computer and demanding MOUSE! MOUSE! One of the benefits of the current trend for learning to read phonetically is that children can work out difficult words. This is compounded by Google, who will give you the right spelling if you get it wrong. So Little Lady types in Youtube and then Tom and Jerry and find the cartoons. I am not pleased.

So on Sunday in a fit of pique, I told them if they must watch, they can only watch Islamic cartoons. I started with Adams World and then found them a cartoon about Zamzam. The cartoon was not great and difficult for them to follow, so I called Little Lady away and while I worked in the kitchen told her the story of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and why we celebrate Eid-al-Adha and where Zam zam comes from. She was enthralled (her mother’s daughter of course; we both love a good story).

Later that day we went to visit my middle uncle who had just returned from hajj. He had planned to go, but on my grandmother’s death decided to perform Hajj-e-Badal for her. I was presented with a plate of dates and a tall glass of what looked like orange juice. I sat refusing to drink it, getting more and more annoyed that no-one had offered me a drop of zamzam., until my aunty asked why I wasn’t drinking my zamzam water. The glass was painted orange! So I drank half and went looking for the kids who had gone upstairs to play. When I told that what was in the glass Little Lady and my little cousin jumped up with delight and queued up with Little Man behind them for a taste.

It’s nice when a lesson is backed by an example of something. Nice coincidence I think. Coincidentally, Mabrook to those who are returning from Hajj and Hajj Mabroor insh’Allah. I hope this is life-changing for you and that Allah accepts it from you and that you have opportunity to visit His House again and again insh’Allah.


  1. Heard it and she started to laugh.
    Good story though alhumdullah

  2. Heart touching story give a true inspiration specially to me Quran is the best way of life