Monday 15 December 2008

Germs and Robberies

Between us girls we are all still having a mighty fine time. My head is still all blocked and my dentist has advised that the toothache is being caused by the sinusitis. Little Man is coughing away and Gorgeous has spent all weekend veering between being feverish and the fever coming down and him running around manically (brother-in-law is kindly taking him to the doctor this morning).

Long-Suffering Sister came down with the same nastiness on the weekend. I woke up for fajr (I was staying over at theirs) only to hear a loud thud in the bathroom, wondering why LSS was kicking the bath, I went up with Fasionista Sister to investigate. She told us that she had blacked out, but every time we told her to get the door open we would hear another loud THUD. I think she blacked-out about 6 or 7 times then managed to get the door open and crawl out bruised and scraped. We offered to get an ambulance but she just wanted to get back in bed (I think she was very embarrassed). She sounded terrible on the phone this morning although she kept insisting she was well enough to go to work

Fashionista is also curled up like a woodlouse and sniffing away, but thankfully can stay away from work for the next few days if she needs to.

Kooky Little Sister managed to get to work despite declaring she is dying on the weekend (I told her this was because I was recuperating on her sofa and she told me “you’re not dying you know”). She says her head is muffled and she can’t hear a thing and oh by the way another branch of the company she works for just got robbed at gunpoint and the robbers are heading to her branch. I told her to try and pull a sickie and go home and she says there are no managers to tell. I asked her about security and she came back with:

“our security system is really s**t, the security guard is famous for being a coward, whenever stuff happens he either stands and watches or runs away
I don’t think I could pull a sickie, the managers are all off today and its a bit chaos”

I hope nothing happens. In the end, I told her if in doubt, just lie down on the floor and pray Ayat ul Qursi. Not very happy that she should be put in this position.

Work-wise, my attempt at negotiating my grade was sidestepped very neatly by management and I have lost the nerve to apply for the more senior jobs that are being advertised.

On the positive side:

It has bought out a nice, caring side to my brother that made us all do a double take. He has been pushing medicines and food at us and asking after us.
My other half is back on Thursday, so the world will be beautiful again, all problems will disappear and I will also have lots of presents (ahem…).
I got paid today.
I can sit here and cough and sniff and alarm my work colleagues.
I sneezed about 60 times over the weekend - sneezing is good (I think my nose suddenly started reacting to my nose-stud as an irritation).
I have one more week to get through, then lots of days off to spend with the chiddlers and hubby.
Hopefully our aches and pains are washing away our sins insh’Allah.


  1. Insh'Allah I hope you all recover very soon! I have bad sinusitus and also had bad toothache in Ramadaan so I can empathise :-(

  2. Hope you get better too and inshallah recover fast.