Saturday 6 December 2008

Hajj Journal 2005 – Part 4: Exploring Makkah

29 December 2005 – Went for ziyarah (tour) of Makkah today. Went to Mount Noor where the Prophet (PBUH) and Abu Bakr (RA) hid for three days from the mushrikeen whilst journeying from Makkah to Madinah. Stopped awhile and watched people climbing up, didn’t have the nerve to do it myself. Then went to Mount Rahmah (mercy) where Prophet Adam (AS) prayed for forgiveness and was granted it. Climbed close to the top, then looked back down and got scared and sat down. My husband went to the top. I could see all these old people clambering past me. Was a bit relieved to get back down.

Mount Rahmah

Then went to see the valley of Arafat, Mina and Namera Masjid. The guide took us through all of the steps of what would happen here on the days of hajj. This was very reassuring except I fell asleep twice during the talk.

Then went to the mountain where the cave of Hira was, where the Prophet (PBUH) first received wahy (revelation). May have a go at climbing up after hajj (well husband might). Drove past Jannat-al-Ma’la where the Sahabah (RA) are buried on the way back.

06 January 2006 – Two days to go for hajj. Have packed my bags for Mina. Accident yesterday, hotel collapsed killing over 400 Haji’s. I don’t know which country they were from. May Allah grant their families sabr. Phoned home and let everyone know we are okay. Missing the kids and home a little.

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