Wednesday 24 December 2008

Mum – Back off Slowly!!

At the moment I am killing time at work, surfing the net and waiting until 12.30 when we are all going to be let out of our cages (not really fair to my employers, but I feel caged up at the moment). I also have one eye on the mountain of tins full of chocolates and biscuits that Councillor’s have been giving us (thanks for a year’s hard work, here’s a £5 tin of Quality Street between the lot of you).

I am looking forward to the next eight consecutive days off from work, as ever I have ideas whizzing through my head. I have ordered some jewellery cord and have some new ideas for long necklaces to wear under hijab. I wanted to make some new baby and wedding cards as I used up last years supply and I wanted to think carefully about making Eid cards to sell for next year. I also wanted to write lots for this blog given the chance (despite the fact my brother-in-law has kindly loaned me his laptop after the kids let a virus into my computer – so probably no uploading photo’s for now). My parents are also back from Pakistan during this period, so my sisters might need a hand cleaning the house up and putting food back into the cupboards.

Most importantly thought I wanted to spend some quality time with the kids. Quality time is usually the time that guilt-tripping working parents force on their children in their spare time, thinking that trying to do too much in a few hours or days will compensate for all the time they are at work or too tired. Anyway, I hope to spend the time sensibly, teaching Quran, reading to them (which they can never get enough of), some handwriting and math’s practice for Little Lady and some alphabet and number practice with Little Man. Truly though I foresee a lot of sleeping in, sitting in bed reading, watching the Dr Who special on the telly at my mum’s and if the mild weather holds some nice long winter walks.

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