Tuesday 16 December 2008

Feeling Human Again

After two weeks, I felt like a human being again today, so decided to get going. We have all been eating junk and left-overs so I made some steaming hot and very spicy chickpea curry and mince kebabs for my sisters.

After feeding the kids all sorts for the last few days, I decided to make them some hearty lentil curry and wholewheat chappati's. It was especially heartening to see Gorgeous suddenly find his appetite and eat everything in sight after refusing food for so many days.

Long-Suffering Sister kindly dropped off some treats for the children, I loved the rainbow jewellery (that has gone down to £1 in Claires Accessories if anyone is interested)

I really did think I had lost my passion for life. I wasn't interested in blogging and nothing else held my attention. I couldn't imagine having much passion for anything in life and have been beseeching Allah for some improvement (with poor health, sick kids, broken sleep, exhaustion from managing alone) knowing that things would be fine soon, but not having the patience not to feel utterly miserable.

Today though, everyone noticed a spring in my step, I felt interested in so many things (blogging, art for children, teaching Little Man to read - more on these when I get a mo). I had the energy to get into the kitchen and make sure the kids were well fed and to plan for the next few days. Alhamdulillah.

I had hoped to end the day by getting into my beads which had been sitting neglected for so long, but I think that was expecting too much. Will have a go with the blue beads soon and see what I can come up with.


  1. Cool toys looks fun!

  2. aslamu alakum sorry you have been ill i have not been around for sometime and ihave loads to catch up with you dh away then? I do hope your better now?