Monday 29 December 2008

Exercise Books and Flashcards

I wrote recently about flashcards and a few days later I found these Crayola flashcards in Poundland, so I thought I would pass news of the bargain on to those in the UK. I like Crayola products (especially colouring pencils) because of their quality and these were no exception (although I could not find the normal sale price on the net). Numbers and Colours and Shapes are for the boys and the Multiplication pack is for Little Lady. Fashionista (teacher) Sister had a look and particularly liked the multiplication cards as she thought they were good for playing maths games.

The other bargain I have found in there are these exercise books which Ibought at the start of the year but which are still in Poundland . They are £1 each (RRP £2.50) and I have found them to be brilliant. They are still in the shop and my children have benefitted greatly from them (as can be seen from how grubby they are getting). There are also other books including numeracy (we left ours in Pakistan) and the range goes up to 8-9 years old.


  1. Assalam Alaikum,

    I hope you are having a quiet holiday? Here's another interesting site to make your own flashcards:

  2. Assalam-alaikam Sis Umm Nassim,
    I had a quick look at the site which looks interesting. I think I'll have to wait until my computer is fixed so I can load it up properly.

  3. Good flashcards and book for teaching, my younger sister has a couple.

  4. assalamu alaykum sis, great bargains! Is this the Poundland in Forest Gate, off Romford Road.
    I need to get myself down there one of these days. First thou I need to get my hands of my car ;)
    I love the flashcards, we got something similar that we bought in the pound shop down East Ham high street.
    Jazakillah for sharing